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Winter 2023/24

                    Thursday 10.15-12.00, room 170

project consultations:
                        12-14  Thursday, room 574

Krzysztof Włostowski
 room 574
 tel: 234 7896


The lecture is intended to give technical insight on satellite transmission and deals with different aspects of satellite technology and networking. 


Lecture slides (pdf)

Selected aspects of satellite system designing. Starting from predefined link quality requirements (BER, availability), and dimension of the transmitting ground station equipment  calculate link resource usage.  Example: for specified transmission and quality parameters choose  satellite (transponder) suitable for assumed connection and define ground station parameters (antenna gain, output power, modulation and coding schemes).

Projects (pdf)

  1st test    -    30/11/2023  (30 points)  
  2nd test   -    11/01/2024  (30 points)
  test retake -   18/01/2024  (only first or second test)
  project  deadline - 20/01/2024  (40 points)

G.Maral, Bousquet: Satellite Communiacation Systems, Wiley
B.G.Evans: Satellite Communication Systems, Wiley
Bruce R. Elbert: The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook, Artech House, Inc.