ECE 352 Signal Processing and Coding in Telecommunications

offered by Institute of Telecommunications, Division of Teletransmission Systems.
Lecture: Wed 12:15 - 14:00, online
Tutorials: Mon 12:15 - 14:00, online
Laboratory: Fri 9:00 online

Course lead:

Prof. Artur Janicki, PhD, DSc, e-mail:, room 407

Lecturers / Instructors:

Prof. Przemysław Dymarski, PhD, DSc, e-mail:, room 513
Ewa Obarska, MSc, e-mail:, room 575

Course outline:

The course begins with fundamentals of information theory and lossless coding techniques. Later basic characteristics of audio and video signals is presented. The core of the course presents audio (including speech) and video coding techniques and standards, followed by other examples of signal processing used in telecommunication, such as speech synthesis and recognition or transform coding. The course is concluded with basic information on error control coding, used to protect data against errors.
Course details and materials


Plan of laboratories and materials

  • K. Sayood Introduction to Data Compression, Morgan Kauffman (IT library)
  • L.W. Couch Digital and Analog Communication Systems Prentice Hall (IT library)
  • S. Lin, D.J. Costello Error Control Coding Prentice Hall (IT library)
  • I.A. Glover Digital Communications (IT library)
  • Evaluation:

    Total: 100, final exam: 70, each lab.: 10, bonus points can be earned.
    51 - 60: 3, 61 - 70: 3.5, 71 - 80: 4, 81 - 90: 4.5, 91 - 100: 5

    Sample examination tasks:

    Egz 1, Egz 2

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